Government Relations

Whether a client needs legal, public policy, or government relations expertise, the firm offers a combination of legal and government affairs talent to solve problems, identify opportunities, and achieve goals.

At CJ Lake, we know that sometimes helping clients assess risk, solve problems, and achieve goals involves more than traditional legal services. Many times it requires understanding the way laws and regulations are made and seeking substantive changes to them. The firm’s experienced and bipartisan team of government relations professionals has held senior positions in the federal government, including the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, federal agencies, and the White House. They have been leaders in some of the most important public policy debates of the past several decades and understand the procedures and political components of a successful legislative and regulatory practice.

The firm’s government relations practice revolves around individualized client service and teamwork. We work to make sure our client’s policy priorities make their way through the legislative and regulatory process. Equally important, we work to identify new opportunities for funding and improvements to current programs and to respond effectively and quickly to challenges that arise.

Each client can rely on the bi-partisan, multi-faceted substantive experience of our entire firm. Our issues expertise in past and current practice areas includes:

  • Environmental policy, especially water resources, clean air, and alternative vehicle policies
  • Transportation, including highways, transit, airports, maritime, and advanced transportation technology research
  • Telecommunications, with a special focus on the needs of public agencies
  • Health policy
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Census and federal statistical policy
  • Housing
  • Social services
  • Defense conversion and military base mission retention
  • Homeland security
  • Federal disaster assistance programs
  • Community economic development
  • Technology transfer
  • Agriculture
  • Immigration
  • Employment

In all of these areas, we focus on the full range of policy opportunities, including shaping federal regulations, influencing the drafting of authorizing legislation in the Congress, and supporting our clients’ priorities in the annual budget and appropriations processes.