CJ Lake Client Success Stories

Auza Ranches, LLC:

DOL challenged Auza Ranches' job order arguing that H-2A employers could not require positive references from job applicants. CJ Lake convinced the ALJ to reject DOL's position and to allow H-2A employers to require that all job references be verifiable and positive.


Barry's Ground Cover: 

DOL rejected 13 Pennsylvania H-2A employers job experience requirement as not "normal and accepted." CJ Lake successfully challenged DOL's reasoning and convinced the Administrative Law Judge that the experience requirements in question were appropriate. The ALJ later ordered DOL to pay a portion of CJ Lake's fees and expenses.

Westward Orchards: 

DOL challenged experience requirements in H-2A job orders filed by Massachusetts' apple and vegetable growers. The Administrative Law Judge upheld the experience requirements for apple workers, but wanted additional evidence for the vegetable workers' experience requirement. This case was groundbreaking because it was the first case in decades in which an experience requirement was defended successfully.