Emily K. Bacque

Emily Bacque is the Director of Policy at CJ Lake, LLC.  Since 2004, Emily has worked with local governments on issues including housing, flood control, energy, transportation, health care, law enforcement, and public safety initiatives.  She has also focused on authorization and appropriations legislation benefiting local governments, universities, hospitals and transportation agencies.  She brings incredible experience, depth, and value to the firm’s appropriations and budget practice.  This experience has led to the development of successful federal advocacy agendas tailored to each client’s unique federal needs.

Emily worked for Senator John Breaux (D-LA), a member of the Senate Commerce and Finance Committees, for six years where she served as Legislative Assistant responsible for handling Defense, Foreign Affairs, Veterans, and Homeland Security issues.  In addition, Emily was the appropriations coordinator for the office, responsible for coordinating the office efforts to secure Federal funding for Louisiana programs and projects. 

Emily received her Bachelors Degree in International Studies from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee.